Christopher Kadamus
Director of Systems Engineering and Program Management at Archimedic

Christopher Kadamus, Director of Systems Engineering and Program Management at Archimedic, leads multidisciplinary product development efforts from concept to clinical trials, transfer-to-manufacturing, and beyond.

Chris has more than 20 years of experience in medical device product development and early-stage R&D. He has a strong mechanical, optical and systems engineering background with a history of leading successful device development programs, from minimally invasive surgical devices and single-use disposables to drug delivery platforms, complex electro-mechanical systems and implantables. Chris has led device development teams at companies including Pentax Medical, Fractyl Laboratories, Essential Design, and Cambridge Consultants.

As the father of a now-healthy girl who was born premature with many complications, Chris has a passion for serving pediatric patients, their families, and care teams through medtech innovation.

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